1st Grandchild


Back in the fall of 2009, my friend Vince Restuccia and I decided that in the winter of 2011 we would take an extended trip to South America. Since then we have made detailed plans for our trip. The first decision was when we would leave and when we would return, it was quickly decided to leave mid January and return mid to late March. Our definitive dates are now set and we leave Toronto on January 13th and return to Toronto on March 31st.


The planning for this trip has been extensive and very exciting. This trip will test my sense of adventure, (if I have one) and if I’m up to the task my life will be much richer for it. One of my main goals is to come home with a new understanding of the diverse cultures of South America and to have an extensive photographic archive to re-live those memories for years to come.

Keeping friends and family up to date when one is on a trip is sometimes difficult.  Hence I decided the best way to do this was to get into the 21st century and make a blog so that I could share my experiences and some images as we go along. I  hope you all enjoy this site and feel free to post comments.


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